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Why choose Spot On?

Just a few of the things that make us stand out in a world of insurance options.

Cover for life

Certainty of cover as long as you renew.

No Upper Age Limit

We don't drop older pets.

Affordable Options

Add on covers like health, dental and travel boosters.

Hassle-free Claims

Lighting fast claim payouts.

The cover your pet needs

Carefully crafted lifetime cover. No waiting periods when switching. Pre-existing cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago.

When these inevitably happen…


Including cancer, arthritis, infections, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, skin conditions, vomiting, diarrhoea, seizures and others


Broken bones, sprains, injury and sickness as a result of unexpected events

We're here to help pay for…


X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, urinalysis, ultrasounds...


Outpatient, hospitalisation, specialty, surgery...


Injections, tablets, drops...

One simple product

Five selectable vet fee cover levels

(All are per condition each year. Unlimited number of conditions.)

Including up to
for legal claims involving your pet (dogs only)
if your pet passes away
if your pet is lost or stolen
for advertising and reward
Optional Covers
£500 for Take-Home Medication, Complementary and Behavioural treatment
£1000 for Dental claims due to illness and not just accidents
£1000 for vet emergencies in EU or holiday cancellation due to your pet
£1000 for pet walking or sitting when you are in hospital

What our customers say

Nothing makes us happier, than happy customers

"Very easy to use website. Lots of choice and great information explaining each policy."

- Michelle

"Simple easy to fill in. Fantastic prices. Peace of mind. Thank you"

- Lynn

"...within 2 days we received confirmation that they will be paying back our vets bill within 3-5 working days. Excellent service. No problems at all. Highly recommended Spot on."

- Paul

Frequently asked questions

We only offer the most comprehensive type of policies typically referred to as 'Reinstatement' or 'Lifetime' policies. If your pet develops a long-term illness like diabetes, you can claim year after year for his treatment, provided you accept renewal terms and renew your policy annually without a break in cover.

Yes, we will offer cover for pre-existing conditions as long as the condition, any related condition, or bilateral condition does not show any signs or symptoms in any form in the last 24 months before the policy start date or within the waiting period. We can start covering some conditions again if they haven't needed – or been recommended to have – treatment from you or the vet in the last 24 months. If a vet says a condition does need treatment during this time, and you delay getting it, we won't cover that condition. We do not cover any pre-existing chronic conditions; for example, diabetes, arthritis and epilepsy.

  • Any accident, illness or condition which has happened or has signs or symptoms in the last 24 months before taking the policy out.
  • Unless your pet was insured by another insurer up to the start date of your policy, any claims for illness displaying signs or symptoms within 14 days or any accident or injury occurring within 5 days of the start date. Any cost exceeding the associated annual benefit limit.
  • Any out-of-hours costs unless waiting until normal surgery hours would either endanger your pet's life or make the condition life endangering. We will not cover any out-of-hours costs if you delay taking your pet to the vet during normal surgery hours as a result of your personal circumstances.
  • Cosmetic, elective, routine or preventative treatments, examinations, vaccinations, spaying, castration, breeding and other claims as a result of any of these procedures.
  • Any costs relating to pregnancy or giving birth.
  • Cost of any food or supplements.
  • Cost of any take-home medication, complementary treatments and corrective behavioural treatments unless this optional coverage is added.
  • Dental or gum treatment not caused by accident but by illness unless the optional coverage is added.
  • Any costs relating to root canal treatments.
  • Any public liability claim if the claimant is you, a person who lives with you, is a member of your family, is employed by you or given permission to handle your dog.
  • Any claim resulting from your pet passing on any disease, infection or virus to another animal or human including, but not limited to, Zoonotic Diseases.

For more information please refer to our Policy Wording and IPID.

Boosters are optional covers which you can select at an additional premium to enhance your cover.

Health Booster: Take-Home Medication Cover (pills and other medications to be administered outside the vet clinic), Complementary Treatment Cover and Corrective Behavioural Cover.

Dental Booster: Dental Cover related to illness.

Emergency Booster: Dog Walking Cover and Emergency Kennel/Cattery Cover.

Travel Booster: Holiday Cover and Holiday Cancellation Cover.

For more information please refer to our Policy Wording and IPID.